Magnolia Vinyl

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Twinkle is a brand new type of glimmering HTV by Siser®! While our standard Glitter HTV has a textured feel, the new Twinkle HTV contains embedded flakes that result in a smooth finish.

Where Twinkle really shines is with its unique, reflective properties. Each color of Twinkle is mixed with tiny reflective beads that give off a brilliant glow when hit with direct light— similar to our EasyReflective® line.

Measuring in at just 225 microns, Twinkle is also thinner than Glitter and has a silicone-like feel to it. This also allows Twinkle to be slightly flexible as well.

The application process for Twinkle is similar to EasyWeed®, but the carrier should be peeled WARM. Layering is also NOT recommended.

Finally, Twinkle is CPSIA certified and safe for children’s clothing!