A few years ago, I was going through a difficult time. So to distract myself, I purchased a silhouette for my birthday and began making a few things. Soon I realized that crafting a gift for someone else, was... well...therapy! I was learning, making mistakes, and was in constant need of vinyl. I didn’t like purchasing vinyl online because it was inconsistent in quality and I wanted to see it before I purchased it!

I found a store an hour away that carried lots of vinyl with solids and prints that I liked, but I couldn’t drive there on a regular basis.
I started thinking, I can’t be the only one having these issues. So I asked the antique store, Alyssa’s, (where I was selling furniture) if I could add vinyl to my booth. She said, "yes!", but she wanted me to open a separate booth that offered vinyl and blanks.

Long story short, I opened the first location, at Alyssa’s In Pace, in January of 2017. I quit my job has a hairstylist and a cosmetology instructor and opened my second location in Crestview, Florida in April. During this time I, also, I took the “Terri Johnson Creates” instructor certification to teach Silhouette cameo. I missed teaching and this provides an outlet for me to do that.

Fast forward to now, we keep growing and learning and LOVING everything that the Vinyl industry has offered! Now with the website coming along, we can also offer custom gifts with Sublimation. (We do not offer personal gifts with vinyl at this time.)

The BEST part of all…I truly love being able to help crafters find the supplies that they need. After all, it’s the best therapy!